Shillingford Organics Farm School

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Email: Farm School or Farm Events Enquiries     Contact: 07517 153293

Farm School is an outdoor, natural learning experience connecting children to the soil and the countryside by engaging them in fun, hands on, farming activities. These vary from soil preparation, composting, sowing, to caring for and tending on plants, and harvesting their own crops.

Our Mission

We as an organic farm believe that alongside ethically producing and providing high quality food to the local community, our greatest responsibility is to pass on wonderful knowledge about the unlimited generosity of our fertile land to our children. Through our Farm School courses we aim to help them develop a sense of curiosity and provide them with the tools and the skills they need to establish a life-long relationship with our land, based both on harmony and gratitude.

Our Farm School Site

We have carefully chosen and allocated a beautiful, safe and easily accessible field; one of our avenues between the fruit trees to be our Farm School field, where we will be running most of our courses and activities. We are fencing all around the site, making sure the site is safe and has got a toilet, running water, compost bins, wonderful raised beds to work and use as our main planting ground. We also have a polytunnel as well as a chicken coop on our Farm School site.

Role of the parents

  • Drop off your children!
  • Volunteer in our sessions. Our farm school is meant to be an outdoor farming activity for the whole family, parents are encouraged to stay, take part in our sessions and share the fun!
  • Enjoy a nice walk around our farm, and organic refreshments with other like-minded people enjoying the idyllic surround.


Parents are also strongly encouraged to car share, in order to minimize pollution as much as possible and avoid too much traffic on Barton Lane, which although only about 4 miles away from Exeter city centre, still is a part of our beautiful Devonian countryside.

Our Courses

Our season start in the spring with Miracle Catchers, then in the summer we run Growing from the ground up, and in the Autumn we run the Harvest Season, then we run the Winter is Coming. Because we have very limited places, please make sure to book well in advance make your whole family a part of our wonderFULL experience.

Our courses run once a week as a morning activity both on Wednesdays and Fridays, after school club on Thursdays and Fridays, and on Saturday mornings, and afternoons.

The courses fees are meant to cover our running costs and enable us to invest in the upkeep of the site, as well as in educational and gardening tools.



Preschoolers - which is every Wednesday morning. (preschoolers can also join our homeschooling days on Monday and Friday mornings)

After school clubs - which run both on Thursdays and Fridays afternoon,

Weekend activities - which runs on two seperate groups, one in the morning, and another in the afternoon,

Homeschooling group - which enables us to support homeschooling families children and adults in their learning journeys and allow them to meet like minded people, groups of mixed ages Monday and Friday mornings

Farm community events - which, although free of charge, booking in advance is essential. 

Birthday Parties: We run farm themed, natural completely sugar free parties for details please

Email: Farm School or Farm Events Enquiries     Contact: 07517 153293