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  • Exeter Farmers' Market Shillingford Organics

Welcome to our Online Shop - Please Feel Free to Browse


We have a Produce Stall on the Farm  (NB: We DO NOT have a shop here) 

We sell our produce at: 

  • Exeter Farmers' Market every Thursday (8 - 2pm)

Where we Deliver (Free Delivery)
Please note we only deliver in Exeter and the Teign Valley as far as Bovey Tracey, but do contact us as we may be able to connect you to a Collection Point. 

When you successfully register with us you will automatically be assigned a delivery day, which will be detailed in the system-generated Welcome Info you are sent. However, due to postcodes and the geography of the area, we check all new registrations and it may be necessary for us to move you to a different round/day, in some case we may not be able to deliver to you, we are sorry for any disappointment caused.

Flexibility - Order to Suit Your Needs
We are customer-focused and do not want you to feel you must place an order on a regular basis to be part of our amazing business. Providing you meet the minimum spend per order (currently £9) you can either; make your order up with anything from the online shop, ordering at a frequency that is suited to your requirement or place a regular order, which may include a regular Vegetable Box or (£9) Fruit Bag. All we ask is you place and confirm your orders before the deadline for your delivery day.

Order Deadlines:

  • TUESDAY Deliveries - Saturdays, 10pm 
  • THURSDAY/FRIDAY Deliveries - Tuesdays, 1pm

Payment Method:
We use 'GoCardless' as our main payment method, please click on the link for further information (payments are taken in arrears)

Important Customer Information:
For security reasons logging into your account outside the UK is not possible - please email us if you wish to amend your order but are out of the Country.

What our customers are saying

About Shillingford Organics

Multi award-winning Shillingford Organics is all about growing seasonal, organic vegetables, salad, herbs and fruit giving local people a great opportunity to buy healthy, freshly harvested organic produce, which is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. We have organic hens on the farm, which produce wonderful, tasty, organic eggs.

Our use of green manures and well-made compost coverings ensure we optimise soil biology. We are passionate about wildlife and adopt many methods, which encourage a natural balance in nature. 

In 2014 we set up our ‘Online Farm Shop’ as a way of selling our produce and veg boxes direct to you, making it convenient and efficient. In addition, we have sourced a range of products to sell that are produced locally or ethically by people with similar values to our own. We keep margins minimal ensuring our prices are competitive and affordable but at the same time ensuring the business is sustainable. Our family run farm is located on the outskirts of Exeter near Shillingford Abbot. 

Visiting Shillingford Organics:

From April to October we have regular farm walks and activity days. We feel it is important to offer our customers and their families and friends the chance to come and join in with the things we do and to get to know us and the farm.
Check our News & Events or contact our Events Manager for more information.

WINNERS of Best Organic Box Scheme - Soil Association's Boom Awards 2017 [more]

Watch our Photograph Gallery Video to see some of the amazing produce we grow on the farm.


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