Farm Shop

Our own Organic vegetables, fruit and eggs and other products sourced locally or ethically from like-minded people. Free delivery.


Picture of Our Boxes

Select your box order size, preferences and delivery frequency.

Picture of Vegetables, Salad & Herbs

Organic vegetables, salad, herbs grown on our farm unless stated. All can be purchased individually.

Picture of Cheese, Dairy & Eggs

A selection of organic dairy & cheese products. We sell organic hen eggs sourced from Laydilay.

Picture of Larder

We will continue to add local or ethically sourced produce to the larder.

Picture of Flour, Rice, Pasta & Pulses

A selection of Flour, Pasta, Rice, Pulses and Other Products

Picture of Chocolate, Biscuits & Snacks

Carefully selected biscuits and snacks for you to enjoy

Picture of Drinks, Coffee & Tea

Refreshing Organic* Cordials, Juices & Sparkling Drinks. Local or Ethically Sourced.

*Organic unless otherwise stated. 

Picture of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys

A range of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys. Most of the products are made by Devon Orchard Ltd at Little Bowhay on the doorstep of our farm.

Picture of Meat

"West Town beef is Hereford Cross, bred here on the farm and chosen because of the full flavour and the unparalleled succulence of their meat. Their cattle are 100% pasture-fed for their entire lives, and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around two-and-a-half-years old. By only growing British breeds at a natural pace and feeding a wholesome diet of organic Devon grass for our cattle and sheep we carefully raise the highest quality meat in tranquil surroundings to deliver fresh, full and unbeatable flavour."