Farm Shop

Our own Organic vegetables, fruit and eggs and other products sourced locally or ethically from like-minded people. Free delivery.


Picture of Veg Boxes

Select your box order size, preferences and delivery frequency.

Picture of Vegetables

Organic vegetables grown on our farm unless stated. All can be purchased individually.


Picture of Salad

Wonderful selection of our organic, seasonal, freshly harvested salad products with outstanding flavour.

Picture of Juicing & Fruit Bags

Organic fruit bags and juicing bags packed with zingy, mouth-watering produce to promote good, healthy living for you and your family

Picture of Fruit

Seasonal Organic Apples, Blackcurrants, Cherries, Gooseberries, Kiwi, Pears, Plums, Damsons, Rhubarb and Raspberries grown at Shillingford. Other Organic Fruit Sourced.

Picture of Herbs

We grow a range of seasonal herbs at Shillingford Organics.

Picture of Cheese, Dairy & Eggs

A selection of organic dairy & cheese products. Hen eggs are from a variety of 'happy' girls on our farm.

Picture of Larder

We will continue to add local or ethically sourced produce to the larder.

Picture of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys

A range of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys. Most of the products are made by Devon Orchard Ltd at Little Bowhay on the doorstep of our farm.

Picture of Rice, Pasta & Pulses

A selection of Pasta, Rice, Pulses and Other Products

Picture of Oils, Pesto & Sauces

A selection of oils, pesto & sauces to help you prepare and serve meals with exciting flavours

Picture of Coffee, Tea & Cakes

A selection of homemade cakes, organic coffee and organic tea to start your day with a boost or wind down your busy day with a calming cuppa!