This is what you take the time tell us - thank you all so much


I must say how impressed I am with the new delivery arrangements and with Irma and Fin - friendly, fast, efficient, reliable. I find it incredibly convenient that I can buy Shillingford veg from the lovely Dan (The Grocer on the Green) in Magdalen Road to supplement my veg box, especially with my delivery now being on a Tuesday. I also know that it has helped introduce a couple of friends to the excellence of your veg, so much so that it might be a short step for them to consider having a box.
Genevieve Terry
Delighted to see that a brussel sprout stalk is to be included again in this week's box - I've never been known to go back for seconds of greens before!
I'm always so happy to receive my box. Bursting with produce, and flavour. Thank you so much for producing such quality stuff.
I had one of your award-winning salad bags in my box last week, which was absolutely phenomenal, it was bursting with flavour and as I ate the leaves I was purring with delight!
I look forward to finding my organic produce box on my doorstep each week! Everything is fresh, and I'm delighted to see your organic range is ever increasing! Keep up the good work!
Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for our veggie box, I was so impressed with it, I made a potato and spinach curry today that my husband REALLY liked. We're looking forward to our next box
I'm sad to be moving out of the area for your vegetables. The vegetable boxes have genuinely been the best I have ever had, in taste, freshness and variety
Shillingford Organics have been brilliant, the food is always fresh and delicious and delivered on time
I just wanted to pass on a big thank you for your great food! I was giving up hope when I found your website. We love our veg box and the apples are amazing - how can you even compare to those tasteless mushy supermarket ones. Anyway as you can gather pleased as punch I moved to Shillingford. Please keep up the good work!