Beetroot Hummus*

1 tbsp cumin seeds
25g crustless, stale bread
200g cooked beetroot
1 large garlic clove, peeled and crushed
About 1 tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste)
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt and black pepper
  1. Toast the cumin seeds in a dry frying pan over a medium heat, shaking the pan almost constantly, until they start to darken and smell amazing (less than a minute). 
  2. While still hot, crush the seeds using a pestle and mortar, or a spice grinder. 
  3. Break the bread into chunks and whiz in a food processor to crumbs. 
  4. Add the beetroot, most of the garlic, 1 tbsp tahini, a good pinch of the cumin, half the lemon juice, a sprinkling of salt and a good grinding of pepper. 
  5. Blend to a thick paste. 
  6. Taste the hummus*; you should be able to detect every flavour. 
  7. If not, add a little more of whatever is lacking and blend again. 
  8. Keep tasting and adjusting until you are happy
  9. Serve with flatbread and/or vegetables for dipping.

    Why not add some horseradish to give it a bit of a kick!

*Although not strictly hummus as no chickpeas are used, bread is a great way to make this dish as an alternative to chickpeas, especially when using leftovers. 

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