Lacto-fermentation online interactive workshop 31st January

Sunday, 31 January, 2021 - 10:00

This workshop has now moved online. Fermenting vegetables is a great way of preserving the goodness and flavour of harvest-time for later months.

Join us via Zoom to learn how to make live food, which can encourage better gut health and wellbeing. Learn various techniques of Lactic Acid Fermentation to make traditional Sauerkraut, brined vegetables & condiments. This is a fun, hands-on workshop resulting in you making your own ferments and gaining the knowledge and confidence to experiment further with other recipes.

We will provide everyone with a bag including produce and a small jar of Red Earth Ferments kraut to taste of the equivalent of £10 which is included in the price. All produce will be fresh vegetables from Shillingford Organics which we will harvest ourselves and deliver to your door prior to the event, if you live outside Exeter there is a chance to collect at Shillingford.

Please collect your bag from Shillingford Organics in Barton Lane from 12 noon till 5 pm on Saturday 30th. If you are outside Exeter and are unable to collect please get in touch with me directly to arrange an alternative.

We will be making different recipes of brined vegetables using (beets and carrots) and Kraut using cabbages and brussel sprouts. We will also learn how to make Beet Kvass and either pickled alliums or allium paste. More details on the recipes to come prior to the workshop.

The Zoom meeting will take place between 10-1.30 pm on Sunday 31st January 2021 & we will communicate the link with you after booking via email. 


About your tutor:

Rose Whitehouse has been fermenting food for over a decade in order to heal and improve her gut health after a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease.  Although she initially started her fermenting journey to make positive choices for her wellbeing, she found that fermenting food helped her draw attention to the food chain. She says ‘When we observe the process of a cabbage fermenting, we acknowledge the microbial community that exists and we realise that we are working with other living beings’. She believes fermentingconnects us and draws attention to the life that is in/on food. This also helps us consider where food comes from. 

As well as running workshops, Rose runs a small business called RED EARTH FERMENTS in which she produces kimchi and sauerkraut. Red Earth's ferments are made by hand in small batches, with the vegetables being sourced as locally as possible. Batches adjust in flavour and ingredients according to the seasons.

Rose aims to pass on knowledge to people to regain control of their health, encourage less waste, preserve seasonal food, reconnect with our environment and reignite the mysteries and wonders of the unseen.

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