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How it Works
Would you enjoy receiving a delivery of fresh organic veg and would you like to be safe in the knowledge you are getting fresh, organic produce that has been planted, grown and harvested only a few miles from your home? We grow over 120 different types of vegetables, herbs, salad leaves, edible flowers & some fruit (including; apples, damsons, pears, strawberries) organically on our farm 3 miles from Exeter City Centre. We also try to provide varieties suited to our soil and climate.

Veg Box Contents - Each box contains a selection of fresh vegetables, many picked that same day and which vary according to the season.There are a few staple vegetables that appear on a regular basis throughout the year, like potatoes, carrots and onions, but otherwise we try to offer a range and variety of produce to make cooking and eating a pleasurable experience. Early summer boxes may have only 7 or 8 varieties, but during August and September could contain upto 12 different items. After Christmas 8-9 will normally be the maximum.

Register for a Veg Box

- You will need to complete a registration form even for a trial box. If you wish to make changes to your regular order please use the contact form or ring the office before the Tuesday, 12.30 deadline for orders in the same week. We can make changes in advance so if you know of any future dates you wish to amend your orders do let us know and we will update your account accordingly.

After Registering - We will contact you about your registration soon as possible. After we have contacted you we will also email you some Welcome Info, please check all your spam/trash folders as often due to attachments it could end there. (We will post or put the info in your first box if you do not have an email address). Please do let us know if you do/do not recieve the Welcome Info. We will always acknowledge receipt of any emails you send us so if you do not get a confirmation email please do contact the office and leave a message.

Deliveries - Boxes are delivered on Thursdays (Exeter) and Fridays (Teign Valley). Some boxes are left at local collection points for you to pick up - usually a short trip from your home. Delivery is free to our collection points but boxes can be delivered to your door provided it is on one of our delivery routes. (We cannot guarantee we will be able to deliver to you individually so please be prepared to travel a short distance to collect your box).

Hosts at collection point receive free home delivery and a discount (calculated on the number of boxes delivered) in return for providing space for the full boxes and returned empties. They do not handle any questions about the box scheme, nor take orders or collect payments. There is no need to contact the hosts, simply collect your box and leave an empty one behind. (Please be mindful some hosts prefer it if you do not return your empty boxes until the day before the next delivery)

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Payments -
Standing Orders, Card Payments, Direct Bank Payment, Cheques, Healthy Start Vouchers.

We do ask that payments are made prior to orders being delivered.

Help with Calclulating Payments - To calculate monthly/fortnightly payments please use the following calculation:
Total weekly spend multiplied by 52 then divided by 12 (for weekly boxes) or divide by 24 (for fortnightly boxes)
If you need further with calculating payments please do not hesitate to contact the admin office.

Shillingford Organics - Bank Details:

Sort code: 
Account number:  6832 1569
Reference:            Your name (for example: X Smith)

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Standing Order
- If your order is unlikely to vary from week to week, this might be the most convenient way for you to pay. Please request a standing order form if you need one. To complete the form, fill in your account and payment details (using your 'customer' name as the reference - to enable us to identify your payments) and return the form to your own bank then let us know that you are paying using this method. NB: This is NOT a DIRECT DEBIT and we have no control over the amount or frequency of your payments.

Debit & Credit Card Payments - We are now able to take Debit and Credit Card payments over the phone. A transaction fee will be applicable for Debit Card transactions and a percentage charge for using Credit Cards.

Direct Bank Payment - If you are happy to pay online or over the phone via your own bank, please feel free to do so, using your 'customer' name as the reference (for example: X Smith)

Cheques - Please make cheques payable to 'Shillingford Organics' and write the name that is on your box label on the back. (We are trying to discourage our customers from paying by cheque if at all possible due to the high bank charges)

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Healthy Start Vouchers
- You can use your vouchers to obtain fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables and some fruit from us. Click and follow the steps to see if you qualify.

Likes and Dislikes Scheme - When you join the scheme we provide a list of the different crops that we expect to have available throughout the year. With this list there is a form on which you can state up to three items per season Summer and Winter) that you would rather not receive. We will try to replace these items with either; something you like (subject to availability) or another make-up crop.

Register for a Veg Box

Temporary or Permanent Cancellation of Veg Box
- If you temporarily or permanently stop ordering your box you must ensure your account is fully up to date and make arrangements for all boxes to be returned to Shillingford Organics.

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